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Marilou McFarlane runs SportsTechWorks, a consultancy team committed to driving winning performance in businesses at the intersection of Sports, Technology and Innovation. With unsurpassed experience leading Strategic Growth, Business Development, Product Innovation, Brand Building, Strategic Partnerships, and Market Adoption in the Sports Technology space, Marilou takes the game to the next level.


If you’re ready to fire up growth for your business, partnering with SportsTechWorks surrounds you with immediate relevant experience:

  • A deep domain expertise working with high performance sports technologies and strategic partnerships in emerging markets
  • A global network of direct relationships that includes:
    • The winningest NCAA coaches in the U.S.
    • Professional team and elite club coaches and administrators
    • The biggest sports companies and brands in the world
    • Results-driven creative and media buying agencies
    • Elite talent management firms
  • Experience generating over $60M in revenue over course of career in startups and established media companies

In short, Marilou and her team have everything it takes to help startups or established businesses accelerate their growth strategy.

Marilou McFarlane is a business development executive and growth catalyst in the sports tech business and media industry. For over 20 years, she has worked in a variety of leadership roles for innovative startups and in the media business. She speaks regularly at conferences such as CES, Harvard Business School, Harvest Summit and SportTechie events on subjects ranging from sports performance technologies to diversity and inclusion initiatives. An inspirational coach and teammate, Marilou creates and executes corporate strategy and revenue growth initiatives, driving innovation with a competitor’s spirit, as a 3:06 marathon runner and former UNC varsity athlete.

As a techie and competitive athlete herself, she recognized the significant gender imbalance in the sports tech business, and founded Women in Sports Tech in late 2017. WiST is the organization created to drive growth opportunities for women and minorities, developing the diverse talent of tomorrow and connecting them with meaningful careers in sports technology and innovation.

Marilou is also the proud wife of a fire captain and mother of 2 illustrious daughters who captained their UNC soccer championship teams before playing professionally and entering Harvard Med School and Microsoft respectively.

We meet you where you are and get you where you need to be.

What does your business need most now? We’re the proven partner and problem solver that helps you win at every stage of your business growth.

  • Business Development
    • Get access to her global rolodex of over 2,000 leaders and decision-makers actively working in sports tech
    • Evangelize your product to leading sports influencers (Coaches, Clubs, Universities, Pro Teams, Academies)
    • Help you identify and access product distribution channels
    • Develop a sales strategy and execution plan in emerging markets
  • Strategic Partnerships
    • Identify partners for distribution or market expansion
    • Create new revenue streams and sales channels
    • Influence product roadmap via API partnerships that drive value
  • End-to-end Marketing
    • Create comprehensive marketing plans to build your brand
    • Connect you with the right talent endorsements
    • Develop world-class creative for marketing initiatives
    • Plan and execute on-the-ground events for in-person engagement
    • Plan and execute social media and paid digital media campaigns
    • Manage product rollout to Consumer or Institutional Sports sales targets
  • Corporate Strategy
    • Develop financing / investor strategy
    • Develop investor and corporate development materials
    • Represent company at investor events and conferences
    • Introduce to VCs and strategic investors
  • High Performance Team Building and Motivational Initiatives
    • Create positive energy and enthusiasm on the team around the mission
    • Resolve conflicts and increasing cooperation
    • Set stretch goals for team and individuals to accelerate growth
    • Communicate the vision and direction for the company
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
    • Support recruiting and talent initiatives around diversity
    • Improve team communications to create a more respectful environment
    • Administer “working styles” tests to employees and applying results

Who she works with

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Where she's worked

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Case Studies

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From unknown to unleashed in one short year

What do you do with a U.K.-based company with ambitious goals, limited marketing budget and leadership new to U.S. elite youth sports ecosystem and consumer market? You get busy while helping them get smart.


To launch consumer GPS player tracking technology to US market: new product, new category, new country.


  • Developed sales strategy and comprehensive marketing plan to build awareness, educate and engage the consumer and sell product
  • Drove deal with the U.S.’ leading soccer sales channel Soccer.com
  • Managed marketing partnership with U.S. Soccer Federation.
  • Conducted experiential activations at 7 prestigious national and regional events including U.S. Soccer Development Academy showcases, the Austin Labor Day Cup, and GPS’s National Tryouts engaging thousands of prospective customers
  • Developed 40+ club and academy marketing relationships including with Tennessee Soccer Club, Weston Football Club, Lonestar Soccer Club and Virginia Development Academy
  • Negotiated signing, creative process and production shoots of 2 professional athletes, U.S. Soccer national team players Tyler Adams and Mallory Pugh, for marketing initiatives
  • Reached over 500,000 elite level youth players with consumer messaging
  • Bonus: added business with top NCAA soccer programs in two of the Power Five conferences.

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Learning and iterating at the speed of life

How do you scale the mobile communications platform beloved by top professional golfer Jordan Spieth and his coach Cameron McCormick and others? You bring in new investors and motivate team to expand, create subscription revenue and grow customer base 500%.


To take a unique player/coach communications software solution beyond the sport of golf and beyond consumer - to emerging market opportunities.


  • Developed new corporate strategy and investor materials to bring in new institutional investors
  • Hired new CFO and revised financials and pro formas for growth
  • Led product development team and pivoted product roadmap to include subscription sales and B2B partnership opportunities
  • Developed marketing strategy and maximized Owned and Earned marketing channels
  • Enhanced distributed team morale with focus on mission and team-building events
  • Created and executed business development strategy to grow business 500% globally, adding customers like Leadbetter Golf, IMG Academy, England Rugby, Asian Institute for Sport and strategic partnerships like SportsEngine.
  • Led significant revenue growth
  • Led merger with Shotzoom, Edufii name changed to Coach Now

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Solving for dramatic gender imbalance

How do you change the ratio, when most don’t know that sports tech businesses have less than 20% women in their workforce and even fewer female leaders? How do you help motivated employers diversify their hiring funnel and help women find opportunities for growth in the business?


To create an organization that generates awareness for lack of diversity in sports tech businesses, educates and engages business leaders, encourages women to join, and ultimately changes the ratio in the industry.


  • Founded WiST in late 2017 to drive growth opportunities for women at all stages of their careers
  • Addressing the desire of sports technology businesses and startups to diversify their workforces and hire more women.
  • Engaging hundreds of industry leaders and attracting hundreds of college and grad students in the first year.
  • Securing funding with brands such as Nike, NBA, IBM Sports, Silicon Valley Bank, Avaya, Volt Athletics and other iconic companies as corporate partners.
  • Recruited illustrious board of directors from all walks of sports tech industry
  • Recruited and leading team to build a brand and develop initiatives including:
    • WiST Fellowships providing $5,000 grants to college and grad students
    • Diversifying panels at events such as CES, SXSport, Hashtag Sports, and Harvest Summit
    • Launching a jobs portal to feature opportunities hard to find elsewhere
    • Creating a Change the Ratio podcast series and more.

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True grit and authentic connections

How do you educate and build trust with hard-working coaches and administrators to adopt a better way to scout and recruit their best players? How do you get them off paper-based processes efficiently and effectively, transforming how they conduct this critically-important function?


To capitalize on existing relationships and build trusting new ones in NCAA and elite club/academy ecosystems, generating critical credibility and massive market adoption for revolutionary new mobile technology.


  • Attended dozens of NCAA recruiting events, where coaches’ pain points scouting players are most evident engaging with hundreds of coaches on the ground.
  • Met college coaches on NCAA D1 and D3 campuses across basketball, football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, and softball.
  • Drove business development with over 350 NCAA programs across all sports, as well as NBA Referees Association, U.S. Soccer, IMG Academy, U.S. Junior Nationals Basketball, Perfect Game Baseball, One Softball, USA Archery and more.
  • Drove 400% growth in subscription sales in two short years.

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Recognizing a massive opportunity with a lucrative cohort

How do you build community while developing a business to support young female athletes and keep them playing? How do you inspire large media outlets to provide content relevant and meaningful to massive total addressable market?


To build an online community capitalizing on early days of social media as well as sponsors major desire to engage this aggregated and massive cohort of customers - all in a time when developing website was still cumbersome and expensive.


  • Founded company with the mission to inspire and educate young female athletes, to keep them playing the sports they love
  • Raised seed capital
  • Recruited team of experienced executives, passionate college women and men interns along with talented engineering and product team
  • Built first interactive website and online community dedicated to total addressable market of millions of young female athletes globally
  • Developed original content featuring partners such as Positive Coach Alliance, sports nutritionists, Ob/Gyn’s and Sports Orthopedic Surgeons and Sports Psychologists
  • Generated over $100K in revenue in first 6 months from sponsors such as Stiefel/GSK Dermatology, Kind Bar, Hint Water, and more
  • Launched at Vancouver Olympics in 2010
  • Built community of over 50,000, engagement in the top 1% of all Facebook brands globally
  • Conducted experiential activations at numerous top youth sports events including soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball

  • Inspired the launch of espnW before being acquired by Sports Endeavors

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